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Hotel, Horse Riding and Leisure

Hotel, Horse Riding and Leisure

Jazda konna
Horse riding

Siedlisko Nawiady

Imagine a place bathed in wonderful sunsets, hidden in the heart of unspoilt nature. It is here, above the crystal clear waters of the Nawiady Lake, that our guesthouses - Siedlisko Nawiady are hidden.

The guesthouses are located off the beaten track, in the area enveloping the Masurian Landscape Park. Our land covers over 20 hectares of beautiful, hilly land where you will find tranquillity and peace surrounded by captivating views. Our guesthouses offer spacious apartments as well as intimate rooms with beautiful views of the meadows, the gardens, a picturesque lake or a fruit orchard with apple and plum trees.


Bociani Dom Apartment

These are three spacious, 50-sq.meter apartments (Bociani, Jaskółcze Gniazdo, and Czapla Siwa) whose names are the species of birds that often visit our habitat.
They consist of a living room, a bedroom  and a bathroom. Each of them offers a picturesque view of the lake, the forest or the orchard.


Nad Stajnią Apartment

It is a nearly 120-sq.meter apartment which consists of two spacious bedrooms  with separate bathrooms and balconies, and a central large and atmospheric living room with a fully equipped kitchenette and a fireplace. The suite has a TV,  a minibar, a safe and wifi.

Dom za Świerkami Little House

Dom za Świerkami consists of five 15-sq.meter intimate, double rooms with bathrooms. Each room offers a view of the  orchard, a charming garden full of flowers, or hills and green meadows where horses graze. Additionally, in the shared area there is a table, tea and coffee making facilities and a fridge.


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